License Abuse

License abuse is the illegal and unauthorized reproduction, distribution and/or use of software and software licenses. It is illegal because it breaks the license agreement and infringes on the originator's copyright and intellectual property.

Developers who have to work with unauthorized software can find themselves unable to get updates, fixes and support. If a product's been modified to work without a license, they can't be sure that it hasn't been tampered with in other ways. If software isn't authorized, don't depend on it.

Our end user license agreement is available online so it is easy to check if a product is being used legally. Head to the legal section to find out about our privacy policy, and read this website's terms of use of use.

To report license abuse fill out the form below. We've made all fields optional so that you can remain anonymous. To prove a case of abuse, we need all the information you can supply us with. We'd appreciate if you leave contact details so that we can contact you if we need to ask more questions to before acting on your report.